Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome to the ModuleWorks Blog

A big welcome to the ModuleWorks blog.

The blog is another informal way to keep in touch with everything ModuleWorks along with our pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and, of course, We’re planning to link the different pages together and provide a variety of content via theses pages over the coming months.

Just to recap - you can now find ModuleWorks and sign up for updates on the various sites:-

YouTube and Facebook are working fine, but we’re still learning how to tweet – I’m not sure how we’ll use Twitter for the best. The blog will move to, just as soon as the IT guys get the domain set up - we're also in the process of adding links to these pages from the main website.

As we enter 2011, we can look back on a better 2010 with something of a recovery in the global economy generating some decent growth over the year which allowed to grow the development team and push on the R&D effort. As shown below, six new developers based at the development centers in Germany, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

Over the course of the year, we produced 4 updates to the ModuleWorks components and launched a new product for the dental industry. 

For 2011, we're planning to move to a 3 releases per year in April, August and December - as the development team gets larger we've realized that a 4 month cycle gives us more time to work on the back end testing, documentation, examples etc and we think our partners will all benefit from the change. It doesn't mean we're producing 25% less - quite the opposite in fact. Our regular newsletters will follow the new schedule so you have to wait until April for the next installment.

That's it for the first installment. Back shortly with more.


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