Saturday, February 19, 2011

ModuleWorks at the International Dental Show in Cologne

ModuleWorks to show latest dental CAD/CAM at IDS

ModuleWorks will be exhibiting our latest software component for the dental industry at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany from 22nd to 26th March (Hall 3.1, Stand L30a).

For sometime now, we have offered a provide a fully featured component for dental CAD/CAM including 3- 5-Axis machining and full machine simulation. It is designed for use in dental CAD/CAM systems to manufacture copings, bridges, crowns, inlays and abutments. The components have simple and open interfaces which can easily combined with dental design systems and virtually any dental machine tool. 3-Axis and 5-Axis Toolpaths have been specifically optimised for dental applications and can be used with both STL mesh and NURB surfaces.

The ModuleWorks team will be on hand at IDS to show their latest developments for dental CAD/CAM technology.  Further detail on the dental components, including a downloadable factsheet, worked example and video can be found at

We’re currently seeing a lot of interest for our technology in the dental industry and many partners are providing Dental CAM solutions using the Dental component.  IDS provides an ideal opportunity to show the benefits of our technology to the wider industry. If you are attending IDS and would like to know more please let us email us or contact us through the facebook page.


  1. I am not a dentist but I enjoy going to these dental showcase. One can see the cutting edge technology on dentistry like ipad apps and 3D mouth scan.


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