Saturday, June 4, 2011

Geodesic toolpaths raise a smile

Recent releases of the ModuleWorks 5-Axis machining component have included a geodesic machining strategy. We covered this in the What's New in Newsletter 10 with a mold and die example and showed how the toolpath can be used effectively with undercut regions..The toolpath pattern is a series of equidistant cuts from an outer containment curve toward the centre as can be seen in the image - constant cusp but for 5-Axis machining.

Our developers passed us these images as some different examples of what can be done with geodesic.They might not be so real world, but they were an excellent test case and do illustrate the use of the geodesic toolpath strategy very well.The toolpath picks out the face features and morphs towards them while maintaining a constant cusp height.

The first images shows the stock removal simulation with the face features clearly defined. The second and third images show the toolpath. The different analytical views show the detail of the toolpath.


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