Saturday, July 2, 2011

ModuleWorks Mill/Turn Simulation

I posted this article in response to a question on the blogger's previous post. I've added a couple of images and built the links into the response and posted as a separate blog.

Question was - 'I have never seen ModuleWorks Simulation that is used in Solidcam, Mastercam, CAMWorks and I'm sure others simulate multiple different parts at the same time. Can ModuleWorks actually do this?'

We posted a couple of video examples on YouTube to illustrate capability for part transfer and synchronization. First one shows Pinch Turn (above) while the second shows part transfer (below).

One of the things with component technology is that it is down to the vendor how the components are used in their products. End user products will also tend to lag the component because of the release cycle and time to integrate. In the case of complex mill/turn simulation, it doesn't come for free since the data needs to be presented correctly to the component and this can require significant development. Keep trawling the tradeshows and web and you will see this technology.


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