Saturday, July 16, 2011

White Paper - The Benefits of Component Technology - Part 2

This blog covers the second part of our whitepaper on the benefits of component technology and looks at example components and how they are used. The paper is written by David Plater, ModuleWorks and Howie Markson, Spatial.  The full paper is available on request by contacting either company via website or email.

Example Components

There are many component vendors and solutions to choose from. Below are some examples provided by Spatial and ModuleWorks

Spatial Corp.Components

  • 3D ACIS  Modeler
    • Provides advanced modeling capabilities including wireframe, surface, solid modeling, topology and geometric operations
    • Enables model exploration through easy to use utilities for modification, annotation, and query
    • Promotes extensibility thru a flexible 3D modeler building block
    • Supports the SAT file format and tolerant modeling for true interoperability
  • Spatial also provides the CGM Modeler which offers native geometrical data interoperability with Dassault Systèmes’ V5 and V6
  • 3D InterOp CAD Translation
    • Reliable and high-quality geometry and topology import and an extensible translation platform for your 3D application
    • Plug-and-play architecture for addition of new CAD formats
    • Transparent exchange of 3D data from a variety of neutral and native 3D formats
  • HOOPS 3D Visualization
    • Delivers a flexible component suite with robust graphics functionality
    • Offers an extendable, modular framework
    • Allows real-time rendering in customer application and interaction with customer data
    • Provides cross-platform capability

ModuleWorks Components

  • ModuleWorks 3-5 Axis Toolpath Generation
    • A wide range of 3-Axis, 4-Axis and 5-Axis toolpath creation algorithms.
    • Industry specific solutions for aerospace, woodworking and dental applications.
    • Application specific strategies for impellers, blades, blisks and cylinder head ports
    • Industry proven with 10,000’s of end user in many of the leading CAM products.
  • ModuleWorks Machine and Stock Removal Simulation
    • Full kinematic Machine simulation for any machine and any number of axes – Mills, Routers, Lathes, CMM and Robotics.
    • Stock removal simulation of Milling, Turning, Mill/Turn, Router and Wire EDM.
    • In built collision detection and analysis tools for safe and optimal toolpaths.        
The Whole is greater than the Sum of the Parts

Modern software components plug together easily, enhancing the value of each other. Companies such as ModuleWorks and Spatial participate in a collaborative program, the Spatial Industry Partner program to ensure seamless integration between their respective components.

Spatial provide the Rapid Application Development Framework (RADF) to accelerate the development of applications based on Spatial’s 3D modeling components. The solution offers an integration framework for modeling, translation, visualization and industry partner’s solutions, such as ModuleWorks, in a Windows-based desktop application, eliminating the need to develop these capabilities from scratch. This greatly speeds the development and delivery of engineering software applications.

In the third and final part of the blog, we'll be looking an Industry application and how components have been used to accelerate development of CAD/CAM applications for that industry. See you next time.

The ModuleWorks Blogger.


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    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

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