Saturday, August 20, 2011

ModuleWorks launches new 2011.8 CAM components

The latest ModuleWorks release, 2011.8, is nearly here.
As previously discussed we've switched to a 3 releases per year model for 2011 with releases in April, August and December. August marks the release of the latest version of the ModuleWorks components, 2011.8. We continue the theme of introducing broad range of new features across each of the products and this release includes powerful new machining and simulation capability.

We also run What’s New webinars with each new release. Sign up using these links for morning or afternoon sessions (CEST) or contact us for the recording of the event. The latest release introduces a broad set of new features across the products range. Highlights are shown below:-

4 and 5-Axis Machining
5-Axis machining has key improvements for the roughing of multi-blade components. Rest material settings allow the user to specify if all possible areas should be roughed out with the selected tool or only complete layers should be machined.  An intermediate slicing option is also provided with user control over the number of slices and feedrate to be applied; this gives better control when machining the full width cuts as shown in the image. 

SWARF machining now has the option to swap the drive curves. There are cases where the toolpath direction is ambiguous and this option allows the component to be machined from the other direction. 

3-Axis Machining
The constant Z cycle now has a spiral option to generate a smooth toolpath with no plunges between paths as shown in the image. The toolpath is one continuous motion to give improved surface finish. The spiral toolpath can also be converted to 5-Axis with automatic tilt which will allow shorter series tools to be used.

Projection is now available for surfaces and STL meshes.  Radial, Spiral and Offset Curve strategies are supported and these will generate either 3-Axis or full 5-Axis toolpaths.
Dynamic sectioning is now supported which is useful for seeing the cross sectional detail on fully or partially machining components such as the example in the image.  Improved zooming now allows instant zoom out without the need to recalculate the stock model.

Finally, stock transfer in now supported for Mill/Turn machines with dual spindle capability.