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Newsletter, courtesy of partner MAL and distibutor Terranic Systems

The newsletter below is re-produced courtesy of our partner MAL, whose product is distributed by Terranic Systems Inc. More information is available on the website and they also have an good blog. This article gives more information on blade machining. Note, some of the formatting has defied blogger's authoring software and as hard as I try, some of the text has escaped the main frame.

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Blade Machining

Steam turbines are jewels of power generation industry. According to Wikipedia, they alone constitute about 90% of all electricity generation in the Unites States. Steam turbines extract energy from high pressure, high temperature steam via blades attached to a rotor.

Blade geometry is a major factor in turbine's performance. Its intricate design improves energy generation making turbines more efficient and productive. In today's digital age, design engineers utilize various tools to improve blade shapes, which are now even more difficult to be produced with required specs.

Sandvik Coromant's application development team develops know-how in tackling difficult production tasks like blade machining. The team combines their expertise in machining with the latest digital tools  to come up with best practice guidelines. Every aspect of machining - from fixture design to tooling and tool path strategies - is meticulously analyzed, compared, tested and proven before implemented at a customer site.

Productivity Improvement

Striving to achieve the best process possible, the team worked with us to utilize MACHpro Virtual Machining software (demo video), which was set up to keep consistent chip load without overstressing cutting tool or machine. Original 5-axis NC program was thenautomatically optimized using MACHpro's optimization module. After two attempts, the team accomplished an overall productivity increase of 57% (three roughing, two semi-finishing operations combined)

MACHpro's automatic feed optimization module captured and eliminated inefficient feed rates along 5-axis tool path where cut geometry greatly varied. The original NC program used one feed value, which was good for the heaviest cut, throughout entire operation. However, MACHpro's intelligent feed optimizer was able to calculate exact load on the tool at any point along the tool path, hence successfully varied the feed rate to boost material removal rates while avoiding tool overloads.

Two snapshots given below show how MACHpro adapts feeds based on varying tool load along the path during roughing.

Left Photo
Problem - Tool is overloaded. 
Remedy - Feed is reduced from 2674 to 2458 mm/min. 
Outcome - Tool and spindle overloads are prevented; insert life is prolonged. 
Right Photo
Problem - Tool is lightly loaded, under-utilized. Problem - Tool is lightly loaded, under-utilized. 
Remedy - Feed is increased by about 300%. 
Outcome - Tool and machine are fully utilized without overstressing any component; insert life is maintained.

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