Saturday, July 20, 2013

Partner interviews now published online

We've been publishing a series of partner interviews on our YouTube channel over the past few weeks.

The interviews feature leading partners representing a wide cross section of innovative manufacturing applications including metal cutting, dental, woodworking and robotics. The interviewees discuss how they utilize ModuleWorks multi-axis toolpath generation and simulation technology and the many benefits of component technology.

The interviews are published to the ModuleWorks video channel and can be found alongside other videos showing many other applications for ModuleWorks CAD/CAM components. See also the video links on the right hand side of the page. The interviews were filmed at recent trade shows around the world that we attended, including LIGNA, Euromold and CIMT.

Jens Beissel, our Marketing Manager, comments on the interviews “It was a very good experience to interview so many partners and get to learn more about the many different applications of ModuleWorks technology. The interviews further demonstrate the key benefits of working with industry leading component technology; a cost effective and lower risk solution to deliver proven technology to your customers in a shorter time period.”

Take a trip over to YouTube

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The ModuleWorks blogger.