Saturday, September 14, 2013

ModuleWorks and MAL to show MACHPRO Toolpath Optimization at EMO 2013

This week the ModuleWorks team will be traveling to Hannover, Germany to exhibit and meet our partners at the EMO show. If you are going to be at EMO, please stop by ModuleWorks in Hall 25, Booth no. L 12 and see the latest developments in our latest release, 2013.08.

EMO Hannover is the leading European trade show for the manufacturing industry. This year we will have some of partners on the booth showing how they use ModuleWorks technology. One of these partners is Manufacturing Automation Laboratories (MAL) and our recent press release is shown below.

ModuleWorks and Manufacturing Automation Laboratories (MAL) will demonstrate the benefits of their long term partnership by showing the latest version of MAL CUTPRO™ V10  and MACHPRO™ on the ModuleWorks booth at the EMO 2013 trade show, held in Hannover, Germany, September 16-21, 2013 in Hall 25, booth no. L 12.

ModuleWorks is at the forefront of 5-Axis machining and Simulation technology, providing the machining and simulation technology that powers many of the popular CAM systems available today.  MAL develops and markets advanced machining process simulation and process optimization software.

MACHPRO™ is highly accurate and comprehensive simulation software for optimal planning and

troubleshooting of machining operations. It allows optimization of machining operations through the prediction of vibration, required power, form errors and stability to find the optimum cutting condition for a given tool, stock material and machine tool. MACHPRO™ uses ModuleWorks Simulation technology to update  workpiece geometry as the material removed along the tool path. 

At EMO, MAL will be showing a series of live presentations to show how CUTPRO™ and MACHPRO™ can help achieve high performance machining with reduced cycle time and improved tool life. 

Jens Beissel, Marketing Manager for ModuleWorks comments, “It is always good to have our partners exhibit with us at these major trade shows. It shows how our component technology can be applied to provide solutions to real world manufacturing challenges. We’re delighted to have MAL, one of longest standing partners, work with us at EMO 2013”.

Hope to see you at EMO

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