Saturday, March 7, 2015

ModuleWorks to show latest advances in dental CAM technology at IDS 2015

This week the ModuleWorks team will be heading to Cologne, Germany for the International Dental Show (IDS) 2015. If you are planning on being there, make sure you stop by and see the team in Hall 3.1, Booth H-068.

At IDS, we'll be showing all the latest developments in the ModuleWorks Dental product range.  Originally launched back in 2009, the product aims to bring the benefits of hundreds of man-years of toolpath development technology from the CAM market to the Dental market.  And in the two years since the previous IDS show, this technology has enabled many new toolpath strategies to be made available to our Dental CAM customers.

Unlike many technology providers, ModuleWorks does not sell software to end users directly, but produces an OEM product which is built in to the software of a partner.  This allows ModuleWorks to focus on the technical developments which provide the power behind many Dental CAM systems. Our technology has proved to be a big success with 4000+ end users and it is now estimated that 35% of all Dental CAM software sold in 2015 will use ModuleWorks technology.

Our customers include:

  • CNC Machine makers.  ModuleWorks technology is used to produce fully automated solutions for machining a wide range of dental indications.
  • Dental Integrators.  Combining the power of ModuleWorks machining strategies with specialized knowledge to produce optimum performance.
  • Dental CAD companies.  Adding ModuleWorks CAM functionality to state of the art Dental CAD functionality to give a full CAD/CAM solution.
  • Dental Milling Centers.  Using ModuleWorks technology and development capacity to produce bespoke systems to optimize production.
Among the features we will be demonstrating at IDS are:
  • 5-Axis Constant Cusp toolpaths to machine undercuts
  • Automatic 3+2-Axis Z-Level toolpaths to machine undercuts
  • Lollipop cutter strategies to machine undercuts on a 3-axis machine
  • Rotary machining for Premill indications

5-Axis Constant Cusp toolpaths to machine undercuts

ModuleWorks Constant Cusp pattern ensures the step-over between each neighboring toolpath is equidistance on both steep and shallow surfaces to give a consistent surface finish quality.  Applying 3to5ax conversion to this toolpath projects the toolpath into undercut areas and automatically calculates tool axis directions to produce a collision free toolpath.   Common applications include the occlusal side of Models and finishing Inlays, Crowns, and Bridges (both occlusal and inside cavity sides).



Automatic 3+2-Axis Z-Level toolpaths to machine undercuts

ModuleWorks 3+2axis undercut machining strategy automatically finds the areas which are not visible from top and bottom.  The toolpath is then created just in the undercut region. Each undercut region is milled with a 3axis toolpath along the most visible direction.   The technique is available with Rough, Constant Z, Constant Cusps, and Parallel Cuts patterns.  It increases machining efficiency for complex parts when compared with simultaneous 5-axis toolpaths.  Typical applications include tilted Abutments, Splints, and Dentures.

Lollipop cutter strategies to machine undercuts on a 3-axis machine 

This strategy enables 3axis machining of an undercut region with a Lollipop tool.  It is available with Constant Cusp and Constant Z patterns and is the ideal method for removing undercuts on 3axis and 4axis dental machines.  Typical applications include Stumps, tilted Veneers and Crowns.



Rotary machining for Premill indications

ModuleWorks offers a set of rotary and 3 to 5axis patterns for premill machining.  Rotary patterns like Rotary Roughing, Projection and Constant Cusp often decrease the machining time significantly.  In addition, a 5axis Geodesic strategy is also available to finish the emergence profile with high accuracy.

The growth of the Dental business at ModuleWorks has allowed us to set up a dedicated team to focus on further development for Dental applications.  This team is lead by Soroosh Eghbali – please come and meet him at our stand at IDS.  In addition, work is underway on building a new machining room in our Aachen headquarters to allow us to expand the range of machine we use for development machining scripts, testing on real parts and optimizing the machining parameters.

Hope to see you in Cologne this week.

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